Should You Wash New Underwear Before Wearing?

For those who relish the fresh feel of new clothes or urgently need attire, wearing underwear straight from the store is tempting. However, it’s prudent to consider washing new underwear before donning it, even if it appears pristine.

Discover what potential contaminants might be present and effective methods to launder new underwear, ensuring minimal health risks.


Why Wash New Underwear Before Wearing?

Underwear, being in direct contact with your body, necessitates meticulous hygiene. Despite being newly purchased, it may harbor unseen irritants or microbes. Prior to wearing, consider the following aspects to ensure optimal cleanliness and comfort.

Someone else may have tried them on

Lingerie stores often permit try-ons with the condition that customers wear their own underwear or use a hygiene liner. However, the reliability of adherence to these practices remains uncertain.

Studies indicate that underwear and socks typically harbor the highest levels of bacteria and fungi among clothing items. This underscores the importance of washing newly purchased underwear before use to eliminate potential contaminants such as bacteria, fungi, dirt, and other residues embedded in the fabric.

Additionally, returned underwear presents a potential contamination risk, although certain retailers employ ozone treatments to sanitize returned items, like those at Victoria’s Secret.


Potential Chemical Irritants in Fabric:

Even if your purchased underwear is packaged in plastic or sourced from an online store, it may contain chemicals that pose a risk of skin irritation, particularly for those with sensitive skin in delicate areas.

During garment production, chemicals like Urea-formaldehyde are frequently used to ensure items remain wrinkle-free and resistant to mildew during transit. However, these substances have the potential to trigger skin reactions, such as rashes. Therefore, it is advisable to launder new underwear before wearing to minimize the presence of these chemicals and reduce the likelihood of skin discomfort.


New clothing frequently transfers excess fabric dye to the skin. Pre-washing your underwear before wearing can effectively minimize residual dye, thereby lowering the risk of unexpected discoloration on sensitive areas of your body. This proactive step helps maintain garment integrity and enhances comfort during wear.


Optimal Washing Practices for New Underwear:

Achieving cleanliness in new underwear does not necessitate a rigorous washing routine. Refer to the care instructions provided on the tag for specific guidance, or adhere to these expert-recommended tips:


Optimal Laundry Organization for Underwear:

To prevent delicate lace or mesh detailing from snagging on zippers, buttons, or hooks during washing, it’s advisable to launder your underwear separately from the rest of your laundry. Alternatively, using a mesh laundry bag provides added protection, ensuring your underwear remains in pristine condition throughout the wash cycle. This approach minimizes wear and tear, preserving the quality and longevity of your intimate apparel.


Selecting the Right Detergent:

Opt for mild detergents instead of heavy-duty options or bleach. Fragrance- and dye-free detergents are highly recommended, particularly for individuals with sensitive skin, as they contain fewer chemicals that may cause irritation. This choice ensures gentle yet effective cleaning, maintaining the comfort and longevity of your clothing.


Choose Gentle Washing Methods:

For delicate fabrics like underwear, prioritize the gentle cycle or hand washing to enhance longevity. These methods provide the necessary care to maintain fabric integrity, ensuring your underwear remains in optimal condition over time.


Keep your cool:

To maximize the lifespan of your underwear, opt for cool-water settings when washing. This approach is gentler on delicate fabrics, helping to preserve their quality and comfort. Additionally, using cool water is environmentally friendly, reducing energy consumption compared to warmer wash cycles.


Benefits of Outdoor Drying

Consider air drying your underwear outdoors whenever feasible. Sunlight aids in eliminating bacteria, enhancing freshness. This method is gentle on fabrics, complementing a gentle washing cycle to maintain the pristine condition of your underwear over time.






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